Harry potter fanfiction harry is blood adopted by sirius wbwl.

Hadrian Potter is brought up by Sirius Black, his godfather. The Potter's moved to Germany with Hadrian's younger brother, Charlus Potter the WBWL, to learn enough to one day defeat the Dark Lord. The Potter's return to see Hadrian in his fifth year and the King of Slytherin. Dark/Grey Harry -. Rated: Fiction M - English - Chapters: 8 - Words ...

Harry potter fanfiction harry is blood adopted by sirius wbwl. Things To Know About Harry potter fanfiction harry is blood adopted by sirius wbwl.

Linkffn (Three Black Birds) Harry is Born in Fred and George's age group and is the older brother of the boy who lived. Its a pretty good and decent look at neglect and how it affects a family. James and Lilly didn't abandon Harry for their WBWL brother on purpose they are just a young couple caught up in everything and when they are finally ...Keeping the child in his arms, Albus watched them, deciding to remain silent. A good hour later, and after the reporters had left, the Potters, Sirius and Remus came back to him. "You forgot about Harry," Dumbledore said, arching an eyebrow. James and Lily looked at each other sheepishly.It started on Samhain night, with the death of Euphemia Potter. It started with a young boy, only a year of age staring down the length of a pale wand as his twin sister wailed in the crib beside him. It started when a monster's thin lips twisted in a cruel smile as he cast the Killing Curse in a nursery. FemHarry was kidnapped at age fourteen. Mindwiped of all memories and trained as a soldier and assassin...clad in a dark uniform, she's now the Shadaloo Doll Agent Iuli. Rose kept an eye on two special girls...who, if left alone, will aid Bison's twisted goals. And upon being made to live as a normal girl by well-meaning men in her life, her ...

Saved by Sirius before she ever came to Hogwarts, she grew up a proper Black Lady and was trained by the family alongside her best friend and sister. Now her brand of crazy is both feared and adored. Remus Lupin was actively scouring the Gryffindor table, looking for Lily and James' daughter. He was still thrown by the fact that he had …Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling. When Petunia first abandons Harry to the cupboard under the stairs, a paroxysmal reaction of magic sends the infant back through time to the relative safety of 1963. Recovered from the site of a magical hailstorm in Surrey, he is adopted into the Potter family.No, the best option was if Harry accepted being adopted by Sirius with the blood adoption ceremony. In the wizarding world blood was really important. Sirius sat in his …

Harry's Return By: Makotochi. Harry leaves the Dursleys at age 10, seven years later he returns, and he not the controllable boy Dumbledore was hoping for. Manuplitive DumbldoreChapter 4 is now up once again it is unbetad. Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure - Harry P., N. Tonks - Chapters: 6 - Words: 13,968 - Reviews: 210 - Favs: 618 ...Books Harry Potter. The Intelligent Potter By: PxFive. "From his own experience, Harry knew that luck had never been on his side. At that moment he decided that he wouldn't rely on luck to solve his problems, he had to become smart, beyond the norm and talk his way through life. That's the only way he could survive."

There was a fic on fanfic based on this idea. So the real Harry dies with James and Lily, and Dumbledore takes the child from Bellatrix and memory charms her. He tells Severus to brew the potion to blood adopt/glamor Voldemort's son as Harry to claim potter inheritance and gain access to potter manor. Albus wants to get to the Potter library ...Harry grabbed a fistful of Sirius' hair and said "Pafoof." Sirius replied "Yes Harry, it's your pafoof. With a giggle Harry let loose a trickle of electricity making all of Sirius' hair stand up straight as if he had placed his finger in an electrical socket. Harry laughed at the sight of the shocked look on his face.He resolved to raise Harry as well as he possibly could. He thought of Dick and reflected on his spur of the moment decision to adopt the 12-year-old. He looked back on the decision fondly, thinking of the confident 16-year-old who held the mantle of Robin and was at that current moment awaiting his arrival.This story is the normal WBWL. Harry is named Aurora. Sirius ended up in a relationship with Bellatrix(she gets a redemption) It's Harry(Aurora)/Bill Weasly. Has some pureblood culture. There is an outtake story of the same author. 6/18/2020 #1

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Twilight (Movies) After graduating from Hogwarts, Harry Potter seeks refuge from the expectations of the Wizarding World in Forks, Washington. He enrolls at Forks High School and unexpectedly falls in love with Jasper Cullen, unaware that Jasper is a vampire.

Harry only left them with the Potter family vault and Matthew's trust vault. The boy sealed all the Black, Peverell, Gryffindor, Le Fay, and Evan properties. Dumbledore knew that Lily didn't know she was actually a Pureblood. Her mother was a witch, she had been attacked by some Death Eaters, and became pregnant.

For others, here is the harem list for a certain Harry James Potter. If I might say so myself, this one... is rather ambitious, even for my own standards. The harem consists of-Lily Potter. Violet Potter, Harry's twin (older). Rose Potter, Girl who Lived and Harry's younger sister by four years. Lyra Black, Sirius and Remus' adopted daughter.Chapter 1 of Harry Potter and the Surprise Inheritance. Harry James Potter was proud to have ran away and was now living in the Leaky Cauldron. His room was small with only a squeaky bed, worn down dresser and dirty table, but it was perfect to him. Much better than his cupboard or Dudley's second room. Harry had a lot of free, having already ...Chapter 1: Adoption by Blood. Lucius Malfoy didn't know what he agreed to, when he decided to adopt Hadrian James Potter. The boy was so skinny, even for a four year old, but he had scars, and was very scared of many things, that were so normal. The boy could barely speak and had flinched when he saw the man's walking stick, guised wand.A twist in fate has Harry adopted by Lily's American wizard cousin and his family. Coming to Hogwarts an American teenager, with his cousin Harper in tow, Harry Potter is looking for something the founders left behind. A vault with an unknown treasure in it. NOT an Evil Dumbledore story.; Harry/Hermione pairing from year 4 onwards.Books Harry Potter. My Pup, My Son By: Radiant Arabian Nights. Harry is neglected by the Potters after Halloween in favour of his twin Charlus who was declared the BWL. Sirius takes Harry to the USA when he was 5 after Harry was raped at a party. Now they are back for the Triwizard Tournament for Ilvermorny. Harry is different and has betroths ... linkffn (Last Mage of Krypton) The blood adoption ritual is shown. linkffn (6518287) A Necessary Gift: A Harry Potter Story by cosette-aimee. The war drags on after Voldemort's defeat and the Order of the Phoenix is fighting a losing battle. When Harry is hit by yet another killing curse, he wakes up years in the past and in an alternate reality.

After entering his sixth year at Hogwarts, Harry catches a glimpse of a girl that will steal all of his attention. Wanting to have a secret of his own, he decides to keep this information to himself. At least, until everyone notices. Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 14 - Words: 77,807 - Reviews: 295 - Favs ...A whole new world of imagination, AU, WBWL, Brilliant, Elemental, Eidetic Memory, Enhanced, Bibliophile, Genius, Calculative, Revengeful and Powerful Harry Potter who is VERY cold to everyone. Dumbles and selected Weasley Bashing, neutral/bashed Snape. A thriller fic that includes a wide range of emotions. Two young children were sleeping in the same room, one girl and one boy, the girl was very protective of her little brother and had always disliked Pettigrew, whether he was human or in his animagus form. Regardless, she loved her parents, her godfather Sirius, and her honorary uncle Remus, along with her cute brother. Blood Ties By: marksmom. The summer between 4th and 5th year is not a good one for Harry and something is discovered that makes it even worse. See inside for warnings...Rated M for later chapters. Rated: Fiction M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Harry P., Bill W. - Chapters: 37 - Words: 79,109 - Reviews: 1,399 - Favs: 2,857 - Follows: 3,344 ...Harry's brother is thought to be BWL but its actually Harry. Harry is neglected and bullied and decides to run away, he ends up getting adopted by Tony Stark after saving his life and being permanently crippled while doing so. Bad!Potters, Bad!Dumbledore, Manipulative!Dumbledore, Good!Remus, Genius!Harry, WBWL, aiming for slash in later ... Wandwood By: D.Mentor. When Harry is thought to have lost his magic Sirius adopts him and leaves England. Years later Harry meets the new transfer student from Hogwarts, Hermione Granger. Who has a grudge against the Potters. WBWL, good Lily and James, eventually.

Tender Hope by stinkerdoodle reviews. Harry, abandoned on the doorstep of his relatives house after the untimely death of his parents, grows up unwanted and cursed. An orphan, a freak, a nuisance, a blessing. Through acceptance and realization, Harry's life changes, and he finds family in a group of freaks and rejects.

The Abyss Between By: Pippa1950. Charlus Potter has been proclaimed The- Boy-Who-Lived; his twin, Harry, is dismissed as a squib. Sirius Black removes Harry from his neglectful family and Takes him into the House of Black. AU GOF. Neutral! Harry. The 'Boy Who Lived' is Harry's older twin. Neglected by his family, intelligence constantly underestimated, his placement in Slytherin house is a shock. Disowning him was their worst possible mistake. Along with his friend Draco Malfoy he faces the challenges of the Twizard Tournament. Chapter 1 of Harry Potter and the Surprise Inheritance. Harry James Potter was proud to have ran away and was now living in the Leaky Cauldron. His room was small with only a squeaky bed, worn down dresser and dirty table, but it was perfect to him. Much better than his cupboard or Dudley's second room. Harry had a lot of free, having already ...Blood Status. Beautiful Alice. Summary: Harry's life changes drastically once again after Dumbledore promotes an ancient ritual long unused and Harry discovers that his status is the highest of all. WIP. AU. Genre: Adventure/Drama. Rated: M, for future chapters.Changing Allegiance By: magiquill9. Harry is killed in DH and returns as an 11-year-old Slytherin, with Voldemort's soul inside blocking Harry's future memories. The darkness is enveloping Harry and he will have to decide to reject it or embrace it. Books Harry Potter. Harry Potter and the Return of Heritage By: Jayan phoenix. Book One of the Heritage Series: Following the dementor attack, Sirius must reclaim his heritage and rise to the position of Lord Black in order to help his Godson. Harry is unaware of his own heritage and has a great deal to learn, all the while still being a target ... Books Harry Potter. Return of the Squib By: Thundramon. An abused & neglected Harry runs away from the Dursleys after being placed there by his parents. He manages to meet an extremely powerful individual who becomes his guardian. This story is about what happens when Harry comes to Hogwarts.AU Harry Potter X-Men crossover! Aiden Potter is declared the boy who lived and Harry is neglected by his parents. He is sent to live with the horrible Dursleys, who later ditches him in New York, where he meets a strange bald man in a wheel chair who takes him to a school. Wrong BWL theme!

Harry Potter and the Sword of Gryffindor by cloneserpents - In this beloved erotic comedy with over 1,000 reviews, Harry leads his friends on a Horcrux hunt after reading a magical book that gives him special powers. Rating: M. The Dragon's Bride by Rizzle - Draco and Hermione wake up naked, hungover, and tattoo'd.

A collection of twin & wrong bwl fic's with James & Lilly Potter alive. A Son Reclaimed by MusicMelis reviews. Harry is shocked when he finds out Draco Malfoy has a fraternal twin brother who disappeared as a baby. He's even more shocked when he finds out that he is that twin! That shock grows when he finds out Snape is his godfather!

Sirius rocked back and forth on his heels, swaying with the small boy. His godson, his little Harry, was alive and well. Sirius let a little smile grace his lips. "This food tastes all wrong," said Lily from behind him, sounding rather disgusted. He turned, manoeuvring Harry to perch on his right hip.Sirius Orion Black was the only person who mattered to Carina Artemis Potter-Black (fem!Harry). He was the apple of her eye. The man she called, "daddy". And if he were to ever die...she would let the madness that simmered under her skin consume her...and raze magical Britain to the ground. Chapter 1: Prologue.After entering his sixth year at Hogwarts, Harry catches a glimpse of a girl that will steal all of his attention. Wanting to have a secret of his own, he decides to keep this information to himself. At least, until everyone notices. Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 14 - Words: 77,807 - Reviews: 295 - Favs ...Harry Potter - Fandom. A freak accident with Arthur's enchanted Ford Anglia causes a minor explosion and a major change in the Weasley household. With Arthur in a coma and Molly having passed away, Bill and Charlie can't afford to quit their jobs and must support the family from afar.WBWL fics where Sirius raises Harry. I've previously read a WBWL-type story where Sirius decided to raise Harry (female with a different name) after James and Lily decided to listen to Dumbledore about focusing on their son, who was named the BWL. I don't remember the title, but femHarry was raised alongside Tonks and was paired with either ...Dark Savior By: The Silver Bullet. Selina Kyle comes face to face with a long lost relative who she thought was dead. Finding that her nephew still exists, exposes an old secret that she tried to bury years ago. Meanwhile, Harry Potter finds him dealing with unattended side effects from his ordeal with the basilisk.Harry Potter Black Family fanfiction. The Colour of Souls by AriesOrion reviews. Six years after the final battle at Hogwarts, Harry James Potter disappeared from his cell in Azkaban, never to be seen again. In 1978, Orion Arcturus Black meets Hogwart's newest Defense against the Dark Arts teacher, one Hadrian Altair Peverell for the first time ...Abusive Dursley Family (Harry Potter) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence. As Dahlia lied there, on some random Carrow estate, she began to seize. She thought about how odd it was that Amycus did not come immediately to his sister's aid. How he must have come to the back and maybe seen her flask.When Harry willingly sacrificed himself for the sake of the Wizarding World as was expected of him, he never imagined for a second he'd wake up in a strange chamber surrounded by people both dead and alive. He certainly never expected Mother Magic herself to show up. Or that she'd be disappointed with his sacrifice."Well, he is the Heir to House Black, the mutt's nephew, Draco Malfoy's closest friend, Nymphadora Tonks' adoptive brother, and my godson." At this, Black leapt up indignantly. "Your godson? I am his godfather!" "No, Black," he disagreed, taking pleasure in his enemy's annoyance. "Harry Potter was your godson, but Harry Potter no longer exists ...Sirius leaned into the hug sobbing his eyes out. It couldn't be true. James was brother in all but blood and Lily was the sweetest person in the world. They were both gone forever and of course so was Harry, their young child. Harry would never get to grow up and make friends all because of that stupid prophecy.

Harry turns in the direction of the voice and found the cat and looked around and said "Harry". "No last name," Yoruichi asked. "When your parents only care for you twin brother and you are nothing compared to them you disown your self from the family," Harry said looking at the cat. "Come with me please," she said walking down the road and ...Chapter 8 - Plan B. Somehow Dumbledore had survived the scandal of the Boy-Who-Lived's death. He had placed James and Sirius in St. Mungo's for "treatment" and hopefully after the regimen of potions and charms was through, they would be malleable enough for him to have them discharged.Harry Potter Weasley was sent to The Burrow instead of his Aunt Petunia's house after the death of his parents. From his first morning, he embarks on his adventure as the seventh Weasley boy. As he grows, he is bathed in the protective love of his large eccentric family. Takes place until he gets to Hogwarts.Instagram:https://instagram. golden corral jersey cityla fitness piscataway new jerseyhome ctdihow to turn off program on braeburn thermostat Harry Potter: The Forgotten Brother by sprinter1988 reviews. For years, the world has hailed Arnold Potter as the Boy-Who-Lived. For years Arnold was said to be the one who will throw down Voldemort. But now Arnold is dead, and the world turns its attentions to Harry. Mostly H/Hr/L. Finished. weather fort lauderdale fl marchmobile patrol jackson tn Helping Harry By: HermioneEvelynPotter. When Lily Potter dies, she meets Death in the afterlife. She has a choice: move on with James, or help Harry with his destiny. She takes the second choice. Now a girl named Holly Evans will help Harry on his path to his destiny. However, unexpected complications and a Manipulative Old Man try to interfere ...Yes, along with magical cores. Apart from Voldemort using Harry's blood in his rebirth, blood adoption ( or incorporating foreign DNA) isn't canon. Yes. Although it doesn'y actually appear in canon, it is actually a logical conclusion to make considering things like polyjuice and blood magic exist. weather radar mt vernon il Chapter One: Harry Sirius Potter once had a normal life, he had three older siblings and two wonderful parents for eight years of it. They were a happy little family, with many friends. Never did without since the Potter family was pretty well off. That all changed Halloween 1998, Harry had been eight years old.Co-Parenting. On the night of the 31st of October, 1981, Dumbledore asks Severus Snape to raise Harry Potter. Feeling obliged to, Severus accepts, and with time, proceeds to adopt Harry and regard him as his son. But their quiet family life is put to the test when, out of nowhere, James Potter comes back.